Lonchura Malacca

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£9.00 or from £8.10 / month

Save 10% on our Lonchura Malacca speciality coffee as a monthly coffee subscription or select a one-time purchase.


Lonchura Malacca artisan coffee


Indulge in the smooth, silky taste of peaches and cream with a hint of caramel. What more could you ask for in a coffee.

100% Arabica speciality coffee blend

Lonchura Malacca is one of our Artisan Coffee Blends, created by us just for you. A unique bespoke blend of 100% Arabica Single Origin beans, an essential for all coffee addicts. Roasted with love, packaged with care and delivered directly to your door.

If you want a smooth and succulent coffee, then Lonchura Malacca is the blend that you must have! As an original Quirky Coffee Company blend, it offers indulgence in a cup. Our blend offers you the chance to taste a delicious combination of beans from Colombia and Kenya that have been awarded excellent SCAA ratings, which will ensure you brew a spectacular speciality cup of coffee.

Every single bean that we offer is impeccably roasted here in the UK. Why not try another Quirky Coffee Co blend, Topaza Pyra. We continue to experiment and create delicious blends for our customers.


How many cups of coffee can I enjoy from the bag size purchased? Of course, these amounts will vary depending on how strong you like your coffee, how you brew your coffee and finally how big your cup is!


250g – 15 cups

Avg price per cup: £ 0.57

500g – 30 cups

Avg price per cup: £0.55

1Kg – 60 cups

Avg price per cup: £0.53

1 review for Lonchura Malacca

  1. Roly

    I tend to prefer a single origin but this is a wonderful blend, unbelievably smooth. Thoroughly recommend trying it.

    • Michelle

      Thank you for your comments Roly. Always great to receive feedback from our regular customers.

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