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Quirky Coffee / FAQs

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Consumers frequently asked questions

“Quirky Coffee Co, when will I receive my order?”

Firstly, thank you for purchasing some Speciality Quirky Coffee. We want to make sure you get your coffee as fresh as possible and without delay. If you have ordered before 1pm then your order will be despatched to you on the same day. This should reach you by the next working day. However, we do ask that you allow 2-3 working days for delivery. If you haven’t received your order after 3 working days please contact us either by phone or email.

We pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction so whatever the problem someone from the team will always be happy to help.

“Quirky Coffee Co, what are your shipping costs?”

Shipping costs are two flat rates that are calculated based on how much Quirky Coffee you have ordered. You will see our charges below. We use Royal Mail and DHL for all of our deliveries. Royal Mail will deliver your Quirky Coffee if under 900g and DHL will get your Quirky Coffee to your door for anything over 900g.

Quirky Coffee orders under 900g – £2.50

Quirky Coffee orders over 900g – £3.50

If you wish to place an order that exceeds 30kg please contact us directly as the above shipping rates will not apply

“Quirky Coffee Co, what are Arabica coffee beans?”

There are two main varieties of coffee, Arabica and Robusta. Robusta beans are born onto a plant that is able to grow in low altitudes of 200-800 metres whereas Arabica beans are delicate and must grow in cool, subtropical climates at a higher altitude.

“Quirky Coffee Co, do you offer samples?”

Unfortunately we do not currently offer samples. However, we love to listen to our customers and if this is something we can offer in the future we will of course do so. Please like and follow Quirky Coffee Co on Social Media so you can see our latest news on special offers and other promotions. We would also love you to sign up to our Newsletter.

“Quirky Coffee Co, how should I store my coffee?”

We recommend that you buy what you need. Buy little and often to ensure optimum freshness of your Quirky Coffee Co beans. If you grind your coffee beans at home it is best to just grind what you need each time you brew. You are able to purchase all the Quirky Coffee Co ange of artisan beans either as whole bean or ground to your specific brewing needs. If you wish to have a more bespoke grind please feel free to contact us to discuss. We are always willing to help out our fellow coffee lovers!

As for storing your beans there are many ways that the internet tells you how to do this or not do this. We recommend that you reseal your Quirky Coffee Co bag and keep your beans in a dry cool place in an airtight container. Do not store your delicious coffee beans in the fridge!

“Quirky Coffee Co, how long will my Quirky Coffee stay fresh for?”

If you are buying whole beans then we would recommend using them within 3 months of the ‘Roasted on’ date. You will find this date on the back of your Quirky Coffee Co bag. If we are grinding your beans for you they will begin to lose quality sooner as it has a much larger surface area. Whichever way you purchase your speciality beans, we are certain that you will have finished your supply within 3 months. In fact, we hope that you would have tried a variety of our 100% Single Origins and our bespoke Quirky Coffee Co Blends before the reaching the recommended 3 month window.

“Quirky Coffee Co, thank you for answering our questions”

If you have any further questions that are not listed here please reach out to the team and we will always be willing to give you some assistance.

You can contact the Quirky Coffee team on the telephone, by email or using the Contact Form.