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Reward Points

Quirky reward points scheme

This is a points accrual scheme. It is available to account holders. You can only be eligible for the scheme if you hold a valid individual online account with us on our website.

quirky points scheme

Earn Quirky Points

Each £1 you spend with us is worth 1 Quirky Point, exchangeable for coffee and gift cards. See your points in your account page.

Spend Quirky Points

Spending Quirky points is easy. You can choose how many points to spend on the cart page. 100x Quirky points = £5.

How can I get Quirky Points?

You can gain Quirky Points through the following Qualifying Purchases:

  Create an account on our website with us to earn 50 Quirky Points.

  Purchase any item through your account on our website – £1 = 1 Quirky Point.

  With any daily logins you get 10 Quirky Points.

  When you complete your profile you get 10 Quirky Points.

  Verified purchasers who review our products also get 50 Quirky Points.

  For your birthday you will get 50 Quirky Points.

  Monthly members who collect the most points get 50 Quirky Points.

  For verified referral purchases you get 100 Quirky Points.

Do my points expire?


No. Unlike other speciality coffee sellers, Quirky Points never expire!

Check out our terms and conditions for Quirky points.