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About Quirky Coffee Co

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How everything started

Hello Coffee Lovers

My name is Michelle and I am the founder of Quirky Coffee Co. Why did I want to start my own coffee brand? I have always had the dream of having my own business and knew that it had to be working day in day out with something that I love – I LOVE COFFEE.

All of my life I have enjoyed learning. Always wanting to know ‘why’ and ‘how’. I must have driven my parents nuts with the expression of ‘but why?’ An expression that my children now use to me – daily! As a child I was forever tinkering and fixing things even if they were not broken.

I have always had the attitude that there is a solution to every problem. You just have to break it down, think about it and try to resolve it. You may not get it right the first time but with some perseverance and determination you will get there in the end. Mistakes are not a bad thing at all, they make you understand better and give you even more knowledge that you realise.

the dream

We all have a dream, and it is important to have a dream. I continually tell my children this. You need to have a goal in life and even if that goal changes that is fine. It is what drives us forward every single day. One person’s goal being so different to the next, but it is theirs, it belongs to them.

Back to the coffee…

Coffee has always been something that I have enjoyed drinking and finding that perfect brew was something that I have always been on the hunt for. Some have been close, very close but in my opinion not quite right for me. So, I thought to myself, why not source the beans and have your own cup of perfection roasted. This is exactly what I did. Of course, what one person considers a spectacular tasting coffee another will not. We all have different tastes and I am continually working on adding to the Quirky Coffee Co range – so there is something for everyone.

What is my goal?

Well I am only part of the way there. I would love Quirky Coffee Co to have a shop front and provide a haven for my customers to kick back and relax in an atmosphere that can cater for all. Adults and children. A fun but relaxed environment that provides not only deliciously tasting speciality coffee but spectacular food also. All served with a smile and happiness.

Blending time!

Quirky Coffee Co was born, and the coffee started to flow

Now I confess, this has been an almighty learning curve. I have learnt not only about coffee but business too, more than I ever thought possible and there is still so much to learn – we never stop learning.

My customers are the ones that make this possible. Without you all there would be no Quirky Coffee Co. My company’s ethos is exactly the same as mine, treat people how you want to be treated. My Nan taught me that. Each of you will be treated just as I would expect to be treated as a customer. You may not actually see the service with a smile when you purchase your coffee online but trust me there is a smile for you all.

I have a great team behind me and without them Quirky Coffee Co would not be possible. So, a big thank you to all of my customers and thank you to the Quirky Team.

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