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About Quirky

How it all started

Quirky Coffee Company is under new ownership. The previous owner exited for personal reasons.

coffee beans sketch effect
label beans

Back to the coffee…

Coffee has always been something that everyone enjoys drinking, and finding that perfect brew was something that we have always been on the hunt for. Some have been close, very close, but in my opinion, not entirely to our taste. So, we thought, why not source the beans and roast my own beans to perfection? This is precisely what we did. Of course, what one person considers a spectacular-tasting coffee, another will not. We all have different tastes, and I am continually working on adding to the Quirky Coffee Co range – so there is something for everyone.

Quirky Coffee Co was born…

…and the coffee started to flow

Our customers are the ones that make this possible. Without you, all Quirky Coffee Co would not exist. The company’s ethos is the same as mine, treat people how you want to be treated – my grandmother taught me that. Each of you will be treated just as I would expect to be treated as a customer. You may not see the service with a smile when you purchase your coffee online but trust me. There is a smile for every one of you.

We have a great new team behind us without them, and Quirky Coffee Co would not be possible. So, a big thank you to all of my customers and thank you to the Quirky Team.