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Coffee is our speciality

The Quirky Coffee Company was born from our founder’s passion for tasting the best quality coffee.

In her quest to discover the perfect cup of coffee, Michelle visited way too many coffee shops to mention, and identified plenty that offered ‘great’ so-called speciality coffee but felt that none delivered ‘outstanding’ coffee!

Michelle was also disappointed with the lack of variety on offer – she was after the kind of coffees that bring on an ‘Mmmm!’ moment with every single sip. So, her quest began…

The Quirky team have sourced, roasted, tasted and discussed bean after bean from around the world to find the ultimate beans to create and launch the Quirky Range of speciality coffees for you to savour the tastes of the world.

All our coffee beans are carefully selected and roasted right here in the UK.

quirky coffee company brand

Special selection

100% Arabica coffee

Of course, there is not just one perfect artisan coffee bean – every one is ‘quirky’ and each of our customers have their own ‘perfect’ preference – which is yours?

We also appreciate that everyone has their own desired way to brew a fantastic coffee – perhaps you like to pour an espresso or use a French press (cafetière), stove-top, a V60 or AeroPress. How do you brew yours?

Just as you like it

How do you brew yours?


Espresso is an extraction by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through your finely ground Quirky Coffee Co coffee beans

Whole bean

Do you grind your own beans? Enjoy your Quirky Coffee Co whole beans just the way you like them. The aroma will hit you straightaway


A relaxing way to enjoy your Quirky Coffee – the slow plunge will leave you with the perfect brew to drink slowly, kick back and chill


A convenient way to have a perfect brew. The slow manual pressure results in a smooth and rich coffee experience


To experience a unique way of brewing your Quirky Coffee, try the Turkish method. Boiled to a froth and then poured into teeny tiny cups

Pour-Over - V60 / Chemex

Versatile and delicious, you can personalise your pour to just the way you like it. The results are in your hands

Moka Pot

A charming way to brew resulting in a much stronger tasting coffee. The laws of physics apply to this brew that requires some skill

Raw green beans

Serious about roasting, then you may like to purchase our beans as a raw green bean to conjure up your magic at home

NEW Coffee taster box

Not sure which of our coffees to buy? Try our unique coffee taster box and you will receive three 70g bags of carefully selected coffee. Discover your favourite Quirky Coffee today!

Our best selling speciality coffees

Delicious blends

Freshly roasted coffee beans

Try the best coffee in the UK

All of our coffee is selected and roasted in the UK and we guarantee to source only the best quality from around the world

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