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Elevating the grinding experience from its forerunners, K1 and K2, the KINGrinder K4 zeroes in on fulfilling the needs of dedicated espresso enthusiasts. It features an external adjustment ring, astoundingly offering 140 distinct settings, with each incremental shift delivering a precision of 16 microns.

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Experience the Unrivalled Excellence of the KINGrinder K4 Coffee Grinder

If you’re an espresso connoisseur seeking a matchless grinding partner, let us introduce the KINGrinder K4. A monumental leap beyond its predecessors, this grinder sets new standards for precision and functionality in speciality coffee.

A Precision Powerhouse

The K4 stands as a testament to uncompromised espresso perfection. It flaunts an external adjustment ring, capable of an impressive 140 adjustment settings. Each click equates to a remarkable precision of 16 microns. This promises an espresso grind consistency that is rarely matched, allowing you to extract the most flavourful and complex notes from your beloved beans.

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Superior Burr Quality

What makes the K4 truly special, however, is its larger 48mm burr set. Not only is it an improvement in size but also, it’s coated in titanium. This guarantees long-lasting performance and optimal grind quality, making it a perfect companion for your espresso adventures.

Innovation Meets Convenience

True to the KINGrinder brand’s commitment to innovation, the K4 model offers an ingenious feature. Attaching a drill to the shaft enables faster grinding, transforming the once-tedious task into an effortless process. You can grind your beans without manually turning the crank, saving you time and effort, especially during those early morning brews.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re an espresso enthusiast or a professional barista, the KINGrinder K4 coffee grinder is a great investment. It embodies precision, superior build quality, and innovative features enhancing the brewing experience. Indeed, this grinder could be one of the best in the market for anyone passionate about speciality coffee. Check out and even buy the K4 grinder to revolutionise your espresso experience.

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1 review for KINGrinder K4

  1. Jessica

    This works perfectly for espresso coffee. The best grinder I have bought, well worth the money.

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