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Gift Taster Box

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Three bags of speciality coffee with free delivery. The perfect choice as a gift or for you to try a selection of our artisan coffees to discover your favourite.

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Do you need to send a unique gift to someone?

Do you want a selection of magnificent speciality coffee for yourself?

Grab yourself one of our speciality taster boxes with three 70g taster bags from our range of delicious artisan coffee.

Our taster boxes come with free delivery and in a letterbox friendly box.

You will receive three carefully selected coffees from our current taster range:

Quirky Coffee Co Blends
  • Topaza Pyra
  • Lonchura Malacca
Single Origins
  • Organic Sumatra Mandheling
  • Nicaraguan La Bastilla
  • Kenya AA
  • Peruvian Café Femenino
  • Colombian La Laguna

Discover your favourite Quirky Coffee today!

1 review for Gift Taster Box

  1. Being new to speciality coffee the taster box was great, I was able to try 3 different coffees and now I’m spoilt for choice. Never going back to supermarket coffee again.

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