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Speciality Coffee Subscription

By 22/06/2019April 14th, 2021No Comments

Dearest customers, it’s Michelle here, I am the founder of Quirky Coffee Co and a lover of everything coffee – even a good coffee body scrub!

I wanted to personally welcome you to the home of the best speciality coffee subscription that you will find online. You can now enjoy artisan coffee shop style coffee at home every day without having to remember to re-stock your coffee supply, ever again.

Become a coffee genius and brew magnificent coffee for everyone that steps foot into your home.

Subscription services are fast becoming the way to shop

Subscriptions are a huge industry with an array of products available to receive monthly. It takes away another item on your shopping list for you to have to worry about. Figures are growing continually with your favourite brands offering subscription services. Nearly 80million consumers subscribed to services during 2017/2018 and are not showing signs of diminishing!

We all love the convenience and like it or not people are moving away from the High Street and shopping online. I love the High Street and supporting my local businesses but High Street retailers can now reach a far wider audience by making their products available online.

Some of our best selling coffees available on subscription

Be educated in the world of speciality coffee

I still believe that a high percentage of non coffee drinkers actually haven’t tried a good cup of coffee and so continue to have the same opinion. I remember not liking red wine until… I tried a good red wine – I thank my very special Italian friend for that!

A coffee subscription service is a great way to learn about different coffees and their tasting notes. Education is fun and the more you learn the more smarts you will need!

The Quirky Coffee Co Speciality Coffee Surprise subscription would be great for you if you are unsure of which wish to try first. You will receive a different coffee every single month or, if you’d prefer, just have a surprise as a one-time purchase.

World class coffee – buying coffee has never been easier

There are many coffee subscription services available online, but the Quirky Coffee Co subscription service is one of the easiest to sign up to. From only £7.50 per month, you can drink magnificent coffee all day, every day. If you were to buy 250g of artisan coffee every month that is around 15 cups of coffee (depending on your cup size) for just 53p per cup. Just think what it would cost you in your local coffee shop for 15 cups of coffee! Not only will you be enjoying the finest roasted coffee but also saving money!

types of coffee

Discover and enjoy…

Do you want a selection of carefully selected coffees delivered to your door every month? I’ve got it covered. Try our coffee gift box, three delicious carefully selected speciality coffees – get your coffee gift box as a subscription or buy as a one off product.

I know my customers!

Unlike other subscription services, where random is the only option, I can send you your favourite artisan coffee every month. Just select your favourite and I will ensure that the coffee you enjoy is delivered to you over and over again.

Fancy a change?

Everyone likes to find something new to enjoy so if you want to change your subscription order then feel free to do so. Simply drop me an email and I will ensure that your next delivery is to your requirements. All I ask is that you make any changes to your subscription 2 days prior to your delivery date and I will do the rest.

Special guest appearances

I love discovering new single origins and always have a supply of exciting coffee from regions around the world. I want to be able to share these with all of my coffee subscribers. From time to time you may just find a surprise delivered to you in your coffee gift box subscription. Any guest appearance coffees are exclusive to gift box subscriptions and speciality coffee surprise subscribers only.

An easy life…

Quirky Coffee Co was born from my love of coffee. Selecting and enjoying amazing speciality coffee shouldn’t be a difficult task and I want to make this accessible and easy for everyone. No complicated choices, no confusing structure to subscriptions and you can cancel when you wish. Just one simple monthly payment and your magical beans will be delivered directly to you.

I always welcome feedback too – this is important to ensure that I am always providing the best service possible. If there is something that you think is missing from the world of speciality coffee, then let me know. Customers are my friends and like any good friendship, it’s good to talk!

Delicious coffee and happy customers

The centre of my business is not just fantastic coffee but more importantly that every single customer is happy. I love to chat about coffee, I love to drink coffee and if you are ever unsure of anything then let’s chat.

How much coffee do you want?

Some of us drink a lot – I’m guilty! Others enjoy just the odd cup of coffee now and then. There is a weight selection to suit you all. Here is a guide if you are unsure…

15 cups

Avg price per cup: £ 0.57

30 cups

Avg price per cup: £0.55

60 cups

Avg price per cup: £0.53

Whole bean or ground

Not everyone has a grinder at home so if you need your coffee ground then I can do this for you. All of my coffee is freshly roasted right here in the UK and if you need to receive your coffee ground then just select which type of grind you require. There are so many amazing ways to brew your coffee!


What are you waiting for…

Artisan speciality coffee to enjoy in the comfort of your own home or at work can now be yours. Easy to order and delivered to your door, simple!

A big thank you to all of my existing customers and I am looking forward to spreading the Quirky Coffee love to even more coffee lovers.