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Summer Coffee 2022

By 02/07/2019April 14th, 2021No Comments

At last, the summer sunshine has arrived! With the warmth now upon us, we want to share some excellent ideas on how to serve your Quirky coffee – refreshingly cold!

When the mercury rises a hot coffee is not always what we want, but still, we need our fix. Try some of these delicious alternatives to your usual brew.

Espresso tonic

A shot of energy that will have you joyously smiling. This nifty espresso has taken a contemporary twist – pour your shot of espresso over tonic, add plenty of ice and, hey presto! We would recommend our unique blend, Topaza Pyra, already with its boozy profile, it makes for a perfect partner in crime. The combination of espresso and tonic gives a delicious citrus taste dancing in your mouth. To top it off add a slice of your favourite citrus fruit.

A firm favourite amongst Instagrammers we are sure this spritely mix will give many coffee lovers a taste of Summer. Think of this as it being Pimms o’clock all day!

Espresso tonic

Cold brew

With cold brew still on the rise and on trend, there is no surprise this is a continuing front runner as the cooler alternative to the usual warm offerings.

This type of coffee is brewed in exactly the same way as a traditional coffee with the only difference being that cold water is used instead of hot.

Some patience is involved with this type of brewing method as you will need to steep your coffee for at least 20 hours.

Cold brew

The easiest way to achieve this at home is to use your cafetière. Using a course grind to your favourite Quirky single origin or blend, brew your coffee in the cafetière as normal but, with cold water. Make sure you stir well. Leave for at least 20 hours in the fridge without plunging. Once ready, slowly let the plunger glide to the base of the cafetière and you can then transfer your cold brew into a mason jar and store in the fridge – if it lasts that long!

There are some great products on the market that are specifically designed for the cold brewing method but give this a go first at home before buying a specific kit.

There is a very clear difference in taste when brewing with cold water there is a slightly less bitter mouthfeel and a delicious smoothness that is great on a hot day! We have brewed endless amounts of cold brew with our Costa Rican Tarrazu – give it a go!

Iced coffee

Great all year round but mega refreshing during the warmer months. A perfectly poured espresso with ice and cold milk. An extremely easy way to enjoy your Quirky coffee cold. We would recommend using our Nicaraguan La Bastilla P3 – one of our favourite choices for a refreshing iced brew.

We find that the best way to make an iced coffee is to pour your espresso first, add in some hot water from your espresso machine, add the ice and milk and enjoy! Of course, not everyone has an espresso machine so brewing your coffee in a cafetière or from your V60 is absolutely fine. Brew to perfection and then drop in your ice and pour your milk, it is very satisfying to watch as the milk meets the espresso and they swirl together.

Iced Coffee

If you like a dash of syrup in your coffee then go right ahead and pour some in. There is no right or wrong addition to an iced coffee – it’s yours, own it and drink it your way!

For real indulgence and for all you chocolate lovers why not try a scoop of Nutella on the top of your milk. Naughty, but nice! Another one of favourite additions is a dash of Bailey’s – OMG, just delicious!

Sparkling coffee

This may seem like it doesn’t work, but it does! For the coffee aficionados amongst you wishing to try an alternative way of drinking your #1 brew is to add cold soda water and lemon to your espresso, result – Espressoda!

To get your taste buds tingling pour an espresso shot (or alternatively use your cold brew stash) then simply add your soda water, ice and a slice of fresh lemon. This is a refreshing beverage and a perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon in the sun.

The citrus punch from the lemon and the sparkling sensation from the soda is most definitely something you must try.  A great unusual alternative to the regular cold coffee on offer. For those who like their coffee extra cold then slip in a few extra ice cubes too!

We coupled-up our Lonchura Malacca with the soda water for this fresh and revitalising cup of goodness!

sparkling coffee