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During these hard times it is so important to remember to be united together with the ones you love and support those around you. There are many people around the world that have no-one at home with them.

The amazing NHS – we salute you all

Without the brave and hard-working individuals of our NHS we would be in even more turmoil. They are looking after our country and I don’t think any amount of thanks will ever be enough to say how much we appreciate and value every single person that is part of the amazing NHS Team!

Key workers – Thank you

Of course it is not just the NHS… all of our emergency services, teachers and support staff, supermarket employees and the whole supply chain… the list goes on and on… They are all part of the #TEAM that are working to ensure health, safety and support!


Yes you… by staying at home and following the Government guidelines to beat the Coronavirus you too are part of The Team… we are a force, a nation, a world – all fighting for the same thing; to bring back our beautiful planet to one of health.

Love to those who have lost their family and friends

I can’t pass on enough condolences and love to those around the world that have lost someone to this awful virus. My heart goes out to every single one of you who are grieving during this time in our lives that we never would have expected – a time that will one day be history, there will be an end to it all!


No time for selfish behaviour!

Be considerate to one another!

NHS Heroes

Coffee to your door

I am very aware that coffee is not at the top of the agenda but if you are longing for caffeine and need a delicious cup of speciality coffee, we are still delivering direct to homes and businesses that are still open and providing services at this difficult time. Our SHOP is open for business!

Use the code STAYSAFE at the checkout to receive 15% off – this offer will expire when Covid-19 expires!

Let us all be united to beat this